PSP is immensely grateful to Nova Systems for its very kind offer to supply and install an AED for use by all tenants' First Aiders in Building A.

The device is located in the staircase foyer by the mailboxes.

We run a program for clients called “Daily Performance” which is an online team challenge for steps to take for a learning focus on sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress.

We would like to offer this service to all companies at PSP free of charge as a little offering from Optimal X to hopefully inspire a bit of activity ahead of the summer.

Please let Mutamba know if you are interested...

Collecting empty crisp packets for charity - please drop off with Mutamba in the office...

We are always interested in any solid CO2 you are disposing of for our "Goods Out" shipments.

Please let Mutamba know if you have any solid CO2.

We are happy for other PSP lab operators to use the Winchester bottle recycling facility (there’s a collection cage labelled “KalVista” in PSP’s bin store) but those who dispose of Winchester bottles via KalVista's collection cage must ensure their empty bottles have been washed and dried out before replacing the bottle caps so that there is no chemical residue.

Existing bottle labels must be removed or defaced so that the original contents of the Winchester bottle cannot be identified.

Fisher Scientific will refuse to empty the cage if these conditions are not met.